Ron Brady
Ron Brady has been playing trumpet for 60 years and has played professionally for around 50. In the 1960's he studied with the late Ronald Kutik, then Professor of Brass at Hartt and principal trumpeter in the Hartford Symphony. In the 1990's into the present century he studied with Peter Pantaluk, a busy working and teaching trumpeter in the area.

A retired high school languages teacher, Ron enjoys working with young trumpeters. One of his students recently was a member of the Connecticut high school all-state band.

Stuart Noelte

Stuart has been a member of the Conn. Valley faculty since 2008 teaching French Horn. He plays in many community orchestras throughout the state and is often called upon to play for many local high school musicals. He also is a member of the faculty at Portland High School as an Art and Photography instructor.  

John Valerio
John Valerio received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in music education from Western Conn. State College where he studied piano with Lawrence Honan of Danbury. Lie later studied with the late renowned John Mehegan. He has been a public school music teacher since 1972 and has been teaching in District 13 since December 1973. He can be seen performing throughout the New England area.