Juliana Chimiak Davis teaches piano and is a specialist in Suzuki violin, viola and cello pedagogy. Juliana has a degree from C.C.S.U. specializing in viola. She has also studied Suzuki pedagogy at Hartt and does involve herself in their Suzuki workshops every summer. She has studied with Gerard Rosa, William Preucil, and Abraham Mishkind to name a few. Juliana also teaches the Montessori Children's house in town and works with little children teaching them on miniature violins. Students are as young as two years old are also known as strolling violinists.


Gabriel Kastelle teaches violin, viola, erhu, zhonghu and has been teaching for over 20 years. His teaching experience includes public schools of Philadelphia, PA; the Violin Training Gymnasium and the Writer's Block, Ink., of New London, CT; Nelly Berman School of Music, Radnor, PA; myriad other community music schools, and music stores.