We have recently changed from a semester based program to a monthly based program. Our lessons run $26.00 a half hour ($104.00 a month)  for all instruments and instructors.  For your convenience  lessons  are electronically billed ($104.00 a month) on or about the 5th of every month, set this up during registration and never worry about it again.  Regardless of how many weeks are in a given month the student will always receive 4 lessons, sometimes 5.  This 5th lesson is where students catch up on any lessons that are missed either by the student, the teacher, or canceled due to inclement weather.

The Parent
Parental support is a must for the child's musical growth. Show an interest and enthusiasm for his or her musical accomplishments; make sure the student has good instrument and keep it in good repair; uninterrupted practice time; and help, interest and support from you. Young students especially need help with their practice.

The Student
Daily practice is essential. Establish the length of practice and practice habits with your teacher and parents. Set aside regular times to practice and follow this schedule. Fulfill any special assignments given by the teacher. Arrive prepared and on time. with all necessary books and materials. If requested by the teacher the student should fill out and hand in practice sheets.

The Teacher
Our professionally trained, expert teachers are always available to discuss lessons. The teacher sets definite goals, both long term and short term, and has the responsibility to provide the student a positive atmosphere for learning. Our teachers continue to furthur their teaching skills by attending workshops, educational programs and engaging in activities leading to professional growth.

Changing Lesson Times and Days
Because of the teacher availability and room availability, students who wish to change the day of their lesson or time must fill out this student change form at the bottom of the registration form. The change must be approved by the teacher as well as the registrar before the change is made.
Terminating Lessons
Lessons should be a commitment for the semester however if you must terminate lessons mid-semester, a minimum of 30 days notice is required. This notice must be given in writing by filling out the student change form at the front desk.
Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation:  CVSMD is operated year round and does not close for the summer.  If students chose not to take summer lessons (July & Aug.) students must fill out a student change form which requires 30 days notice.  A renewal registration fee will be assessed in Sept. Students may sign up for any number of lessons in July and Aug.  Up front Payment will only be for lessons scheduled, there will be no makeup's